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The Bungalow ( Nalukettu )

(Nalukettu) has been made in tune with the traditional architecture style of Kerala with modern facilities. Nalukettu is the most developed form of the typical Kerala mansion. The construction of nalukettu follows the norms and principles of the traditional Thachu Sasthra (the science of architecture). It is a courtyard type house where the central courtyard is an outdoor living space open to the sky. A nalukettu is rectangular in structure, where four halls are joined together with the central courtyard. The four halls on the sides are called as vadakkini (northern block), padinjattini (western block), kizhakkini (eastern block) and thekkini (southern block). The facilities provided by a nalukettu were ideal for large families of the traditional tharavadu (a system of joint family) for whom it was customary to live under one roof. The Nalukettu comprises of 08 fully furnished Luxury rooms, A complete Ayurvedic Spa, Multi cuisine restaurant and a large veranda,


The 3HillsCounty is more than just another Resort in Wayanad. Located in the foothills of Chembra peak and surrounded by misty mountains,3 Hills County is nestled amid luxurious greenery the centre is nestled on the lap of Western Ghats. Spread over on 4 acres land, It has all the elements necessary for a rejuvenating ambience. On one side is the Chembra Peak, the highest peak in the district and on the other side it is the Manikkunnu Hills, a divine mountain known for the sacred presence of God Vishnu with a tiny jungle shrine Apart from its scenic location, 3Hills county also offers a great holiday experience with a peace full mind. Take a stroll in beautiful coffee plantations. Enjoy gorgeous sunrises or sunsets. Visit ancient and historic temples. Hike & trek in national sanctuaries. And bond with friends or family around a campfire.